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You Are What You Believe You Are

“It’s prophetic, really. Today, man’s most advanced inventions are being used to study man’s most ancient ideas. The science of Noetics may be new, but it’s actually the oldest science on earth-the study of human thought.”
- From The Lost Symbol, 498


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Katherine and Peter Solomon, in Dan Brown’s novel The Lost Symbol, believe the world is on the cusp of great change because of the knowledge of how the human mind really works-it is not simply an emergent property of the brain, but is an “antenna” of sorts for transmitting and receiving energy and information to and from the universal field of consciousness. As the information in the other sections of the website has shown, their view is not fiction. It is based on real science, on hard evidence that we can affect matter with our thoughts, that our beliefs and thoughts affect our biology and the very condition of our health, and that at the quantum level we are part of the vast web of information and energy that makes up the cosmos. Scientists have become philosophers when they say that the universe is more like a great thought than a great machine. So, where does that leave us? What can you do to harness and use the power of your own beliefs, thoughts, intentions, desires, emotions, and energy? In this section, we will share what scientists have discovered about how best to use intention to manifest what you desire and to change the deepest nature of your life. Your beliefs are at the foundation of how successful you will be in doing so. The changes that are possible are not slight. They can be as grand as you are willing to allow. However, using intention is not magic. It is science. And here is what noetic scientists and other researchers have to say about beliefs and intentions, and how they contribute to creating the world.

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