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Bio-Informational Healing

“Historically, every major scientific breakthrough began with a simple idea that threatened to overturn all of our beliefs.”
— From The Lost Symbol, 503

Information is transforming medicine. More specifically, the study of information fields is transforming medicine. As we said in other sections of this website, information may be the most fundamental aspect of the cosmos at its deepest quantum level. Physicists themselves suggest that information may be a kind of force in its own right. Physicist Jacob D. Bekenstein says, “Ask anybody what the physical world is made of, and you are likely told matter and energy. Yet, if we have learned anything from engineering, biology, and physics, information is just as crucial an ingredient.”

Information rules biology. Change one atom in a molecule and it can turn from a benign substance into a poison. Change the number of electrons “orbiting” the shell of atoms in a substance, and it changes from one element to another in the periodic chart. The 50 trillion or more cells in our bodies each perform millions of activities every moment, and to work properly they have to seamlessly coordinate these activities with all the other cells in the body. The amount of information our bodies is processing is staggering. So it stands to reason that noetic theory includes the possibility of information fields regulating physiology at the below-cell level. Information and energy go hand in hand. You need an energy wave to carry information. So the two—energy and information fields—are at the heart of noetic science theory and research.

Let’s start with energy fields and the human body. New Zealand physician Robin Kelly explores healing largely through the electromagnetic spectrum, saying that we are “human antennas” and our cells respond to electromagnetic waves. In this book, The Human Antenna: Reading the Language of the Universe in the Songs of Our Cells, he recounts how his inquiry into the energy and information of the human body eventually led him to move from traditional medicine to a study of traditional Chinese medicine, with its paths of energy via the acupuncture points. That in turn led him to study physics and the possible quantum nature of our biology. His primary interest, however, is in electromagnetism and its affect on cell-level communication. He believes that body’s proper communication with the environment and the natural world is crucial to health and healing. Natural fields (e.g., those generated by the sun and moon, and the earth’s geomagnetic fields) and manmade fields (such as electromagnetic fields from cell phones, televisions, the electric light grid) all affect the way our bodies function. Kelly also espouses the idea that we are “antennas” for the emotional energy of others and that most disease has some form of emotional component.

We know there are fields of energy from nature permeating our bodies at every second. But are channels of energy in the body real? There is evidence for the acupuncture meridians. In his book Healing from the Heart, cardiac surgeon Mehmet Oz, who uses both CAM and traditional methods with his patients, reports that when scientists injected radioactive substances into people’s hands at certain points identified by the ancient Chinese as acupuncture points, X-rays could be used to track the flow of the substance through channels that correspond to the meridians. He also writes:

“A well-documented controlled study done in Shanghai shows how the use of these energy meridians by acupuncturists can help cardiac-surgery patients. Anesthetized by needles expertly placed at specific meridian points in the ears and extremities, 107 patients were found after to have ‘marked reduction or the absence of carious post-operative respiratory symptoms and complications.’ Scandanavian researcher Soren Ballegaard has published impressive results when acupuncture is used to relieve angina in patients who are not candidates for more traditional remedies” (129).

Acupuncture involves both energy and information. The meridians are channels through which energy and information flow. Although energy blockages can cause health problems, it may be that information blockages are more fundamental. Native Australian Peter Fraser, an independent researcher into the “human body-field” at NES Health has developed a theory that updates traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture knowledge with modern biology, anatomy and physiology. His work, in conjunction with Harry Massey, of Britain, has been able to detail to incredible levels of specificity the correlations between the energy and information structures of the body-field and the physical aspects of the body. For example, according to Fraser’s body-field theory, there are 16 “Energetic Driver” fields that arise from and inform the major organ systems, “powering” them. The first symptom of illness is usually fatigue, and Fraser attributes this to the loss of power in the Driver fields in the body.

There also are 12 Energetic Integrators, which are similar to but more complex than the acupuncture meridians. They are information “highways” in the body. Like the meridians, they correlate to many seemingly unconnected aspects of the body. One organ system of the body may be distributed energetically among several Integrators. For example, the mucus membranes of the nose are covered by Integrator 3, but the sphenoid sinus is in Integrator 4, frontal sinus is in Integrator 5, and the maxillary sinus is in Integrator 8. In this way, Fraser has been able to bring an amazing degree of specificity to the structure of the body-field. In fact, he is able to confirm and update the knowledge passed on from traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. For instance, whereas in acupuncture we know generally that the Live Meridian snakes through the body and passes up to the eye. Fraser has shown that this meridian, called Integrator 8 in the NES system, does indeed inform the eye, but it communicates only with the iris and retina, and not with other parts of the eye, which are covered in different information channels. NES theory is unique in that no other system of the body-field has revealed this level of detail in the energy and information structures of the body.

Other energy and information channels, called Energetic Terrains and Energetic Stars, together with the Drivers and Integrators form a complex structure that is the dynamic body-field, which underlies and regulates the functioning of the body at the below-cell level. Fraser and Massey detail their theory in their book Decoding the Human Body-Field: The New Science of Information as Medicine. They also talk about the software-driven scan they created that probes your body-field, identifying energy and information blocks and distortions that may be influencing the condition of your body. Their liquid-based remedies are imprinted with corrective information to help directly restore your body-field’s energy and information flow, and by extension help your body to restore its own self-healing capabilities.

There are many bio-energetic systems and devices on the market today, and most work on the premise that energy and information are what drives molecular and cellular mechanisms in the body. Illness results from a blockage or distortion of energy and information, and the return to health is hastened by addressing these root bio-energetic and bio-informational causes.

Are we really condensed energy and information? Are our bodies superb information and energy processors, quantum biological computers in a sense? Is our heart as important an information processor as our brain? Does our consciousness at last in part help create reality, so that we live in a participatory universe? Noetic sciences is telling us that all of this is true—and they are only at the earliest stage of discovering what is possible for us. In Dan Brown’s novel, Katherine and Peter believe the noetic sciences are heralding a radical shift not only in our science, but in our very conception of ourselves. In the real world of the noetic sciences, the study of energy and information is revealing that they are correct. So the question becomes, how do we use what we already know? In the last section of this website, Belief, we explore how you can best use what we already have learned about the power of human potential.

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