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Brain to Brain

Psychophysiologist Jacobo Grinberg-Zylberbaum and his colleagues from Mexico conducted some of the first brain-to-brain correlation studies in the 1970s, establishing that such unexplainable entangled effects are real. In 2003, Jiri Wackermann and his colleagues conducted follow-up studies that were extremely tightly controlled, striving to close every possible loophole in the experimental design. They found the same result. What happened to one person’s brain was registered in the other person’s brain, even though the other person was physically separated from the first and was not subject to the stimulus. Wackermann pondered the implications of his team’s findings, saying:

“We are facing a phenomenon which is neither easy to dismiss as a methodological failure or a technical artifact not understood as to its nature. No biophysical mechanism is presently known that could be responsible for the observed correlation between EEGs of two separated subjects.” (quoted in Radin, 137). 

In 2004, more replications were undertaken, and the results were confirmed yet again. One replication with meditators resulted in odds of 2,000 to one against chance. Another very interesting replication found that the emotional bonding of the test pair affected the strength of the brain’s alpha wave correlations. For example, the influence was greatest between two people who were strongly emotionally bonded, such as identical twins or husband and wife, than it was for weakly bonded or unbounded pairs. (Radin,138). Since these experiments, others have been carried out that show that not only the autonomic nervous system can be affected by distant influence, but so can the central nervous system and even the part of the nervous system that controls the gut. Perhaps this is no surprise to those of us who know the power of a gut instinct!

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