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DNA Intention

As interesting as these results are, the DNA−Intention investigation continued with other kinds of tests. To ensure that close-range natural electromagnetic fields, such as might come from the body, were not affecting the DNA samples, distance studies were also done. In this experiment, the DNA sample was a half a mile away from the subject who was attempting to change it. The effect held:  intention coupled with a state of high internal body and heart coherence could profoundly influence the shape of the DNA helix.
In still another variation on the experiment, researchers sought to determine if a highly coherent individual could affect specific DNA samples in a group of samples. Three aliquots of DNA were prepared in identical ways and placed in individual test tubes, which were then put in the same beaker. The test subject was asked to unwind the DNA of the first two samples to different degrees while not affecting the third sample. He was successful. The first two samples changed in the precisely the ways intended, and the third remained unchanged. The researchers concluded that the “ability to simultaneously direct specific intentions to different DNA molecules suggests that the information communicated between the individual and the DNA is very specific and is not simply an amorphous energy field” (6).

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