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Healing Intentions I: Influencing Non-Human Systems

“Since the beginning of time, man has sensed there was something special about himself . . . something more. He had longed for powers he did not possess. He had dreamed of flying, of healing, of transforming his world in every way imaginable. And he had done just that.”
-From The Lost Symbol, 503

Every culture throughout time has had a tradition of energy healing. There is an almost universal belief that we are infused with a life force energy—called variously prana, chi, qi, the doshas, the odic force, etheric energy, orgone energy, vital energy, mana—and that we become ill when we are deficient in this energy. Some people are said to be able to project this energy to others to foster healing.

Noetic scientists have been studying our capacity for healing using some of the most sophisticated technology available, and they are finding evidence that healing is not a gift possessed by a special few, but is a talent that can be learned to one degree or another by all of us. As we have done in other sections of this website, we will begin to examine the evidence by looking at studies where humans have been able to heal other living organisms. By studying the effect of healing on non-human subjects—from plants to colonies of bacteria to mice—scientists have fewer complications concerning expectation, the placebo effect, belief, subjectivity, deception, cheating, and the like. Even with these non-human subjects, the experiments are unveiling a widespread phenomenon where human intentional energy can be directed to somehow reverse disease processes, speed the healing from injury, and protect the organism from harm. The evidence overall is remarkable, and in some cases astounding.

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