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Healing Intentions II: Influencing Human Health

 “I realized,” Katherine said, “that modern medicine ridicules healers and shamans, but I sawthis with my own eyes. MY CCD cameras clearly photographed the man transmitting a massive energy field from his fingertips . . . and literally changing the cellular make-up of his patient.”
 From The Lost Symbol, 313

Is there any evidence that we radiate healing energies? The answer is, “Yes.” We can focus our attention to create healing thoughts and intentions for ourselves and others, and we appear to be able to affect others no matter how far away from us they are. Some people are able to marshal healing energies and direct them toward others through their hands (called laying on of hands or hands-on healing), and distance does not seem to matter. We also produce many types of energies within our bodies that are just now being studied, and some of these appear to be directly involved in health and disease states.

For example, all of our cells emit biophotons—light particles. All living organisms including human beings produce ultraweak light from their cells. Moreover, we produce coherent light, which means that all the photons (subatomic particles of light) are working together in a coordinated way, allowing them to more easily carry information in the body. German physicist Fritz-Albert Popp, a pioneer of biophoton research, has used extremely sensitive instrumentation to detect our cellular light. He has studied all kinds of people in all kinds of conditions, from healthy to ill, and as a result he has been able to determine how the level of light produced by or used by our cells correlates to health. As Lynne McTaggart says in her book, The Field, Popp’s research shows, for example, that people with cancer appear to be losing their light, whereas people with multiple sclerosis appear to be drowning in light (50-51). While biophoton research has not yet resulted in any clinical therapies, this emerging field shows us how modern technology is facilitating new discoveries that are revealing many formerly “hidden” aspects of our biology, including new kinds of energies.

Two clinical therapies that are widely accepted are Therapeutic Touch and Healing Touch, both forms of energy healing where trained practitioners pass their hands over a person’s body or gently touch the body while sending loving, healing intentions and energy to balance the person’s body, mind and spirit. Many nurses are trained in Therapeutic Touch or Healing Touch, and there are programs active in scores of major hospitals and clinics. They are also used in hospices, long-term care facilities for the elderly, and even in spas. Both modalities have been well studied in many double-blind controlled clinical studies and shown to be effective for relieving pain and anxiety, reducing post-operative complications, strengthening the immune system and more.

Healing energy affects not only the people who whom it is directed, but appears to also “condition” the environment in which it is conducted. We saw in the previous section how substances, such as water and cotton wads, can be imprinted with healing energies that then affect the organism that needs the healing. Now we know that space itself can be conditioned with healing energy.

Materials engineer and professor William Tiller, who has devoted much of his career to studying healing energies and the role of intention in affecting physical matter, found in his research that healing energy changes the nature of space itself. When healers work in a room for an extended period of time, they actually leave a discernible energy imprint behind, one that affects the quality and characteristics of the space and can linger for months—and in some cases up to a year—after all healing in the space has ceased (see Conscious Acts of Creation, 169-239).

Others have verified this effect. For instance, McTaggart reports on experiments by researcher Graham Watson and his wife, Anita, who found initially that there appears to be an energetic or informational conditioning of the environment where healing is conducted. Their original observation occurred in experiments with mice that had been anesthetized and that healers had been trying to revive more quickly. The healers were successful, but only marginally so. However, as repeated experiments were carried out in the same space, the mice brought into that space were revived more and more quickly. The Grahams repeated their experiments seven times, and found increased revival times, and their explanation, after ruling out other possible causes, was that the space itself appeared to be charged with some aftereffect of the healing energies, which were affecting mice in subsequent experiments (The Field, 121).

Dean Radin, now of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, used random event generators (REG) to see if the “coherence” of the space in which healers had been working to influence the growth rate of human brain cells had increased. The healers were told to use whatever technique they normally did, such as meditation, to prepare the space for healing and then to use their focused intention to try to increase the growth rate of the brain cells in the culture mediums. (Separate control cultures of cells kept is a different location would not be sent any growth intentions.) The healers did so in timed sessions over three consecutive days. Radin positioned three REGs near the cell cultures before the healers began the experiment, and by the third day not only had the targeted brain cells increased their growth beyond normal rates, but all three of the REGs had moved away from their normal random outputs to produce more ordered outputs, indicating to Radin that some kind of greater coherence had been conditioned into the space in which the healers worked. He also noted a change in the room’s background ionizing radiation (The Field, 122). Similar effects have been seen at sacred sites, where REGs have been positioned. In certain of these sites, the REGs begin to move away from randomness toward order, indicating a greater coherence at the site.

The evidence mounts that focused intention (whether of healing or just from masses of people in highly charged emotional states gathering in a particular place over time, such as at a sacred site or a cathedral) brings greater order and coherence to the environment, hinting that some kind of energy and information field may be involved. That such energy fields exist should not come as any great surprise, for energy healing goes back to the roots of human culture. The kinds of energy most of us have commonly heard about in terms of the human body come from ancient traditions, such as the acupuncture meridians from traditional Chinese medicine and the chakras from Hindu tradition. More modern versions, such as the body-field theory of Peter Fraser of NES Health (Nutri-Energetics Systems), have married ancient acupuncture knowledge with modern biology, physiology and anatomy. (We will discuss Fraser’s theory in the Bio-Informational Healing section.) Shamanism is the world’s oldest spiritual system, and its practices are based on altering consciousness to gain access to natural healing energies and information fields that we are not able to access easily in normal waking states of consciousness. We’ll talk a bit more about shamanism later.

We are on the cusp of a revolution in medicine and biology because of the amassing evidence that other forms of energy and information exist than those we currently know about. The modern study of energy and informational health is exponentially expanding our knowledge of what health is and how we can use innate healing abilities to return to a greater state of health when we are ill.

As the research we reviewed in this section shows, you have much more control over your health than you think you do, which means that you also have to take responsibility for your state of well-being as you have never been asked to before. This research demonstrates just how powerful a healer you really are.

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