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How intention can interact with technology to provide a health diagnosis

Bioenergetic Healthcare is full of curious facts, but this is one of the most astonishing of all: Every “Energetic” device out there, whatever their claims (and there are some rather fantastic stories used to explain how they work), utilize some form of random generator as part of the process in providing the results. This method may stretch the imagination, but it works, as many thousands of practitioners of all sorts of bioenergetic clinical devices can testify. But how?

ProVision works because of two simple principles:

1) Information and Energy make up our Reality
2) Your body sends out Information and Energy which changes the Reality (in this case the ProVision results) that you perceive around you.

Many Leaders across all walks of life from major religons, politicans, businessmen and scientists all understood one thing:

That we Create Reality Around Us

Let’s just take a quick look at why we say that Information and Energy make up our Reality and therefor how we create reality.

We know, in fact, that all matter, at the level of atoms and of electrons and other elementary particles, is mostly empty space. Most of us are familiar with Einstein’s equation E=mc2, where “E” is energy, “m” is matter, and “c” is the speed of light. It tells us that matter and energy are equivalent. It tells us that matter is pure energy, albeit energy that is in a dense form. However, because science has mostly ignored the concept of information, we aren’t taught about the implications of how information plays into this insight.

It takes only a moment to realize that energy itself is not enough to describe and direct organization and form. Information must be included, because it is what organizes energy. Without information, energy would move chaotically. So, really, we need both energy and information. Then we apply that information to energy, organizing it into patterns that we call matter (in its mind-boggling array of forms). We can now write a new equation: Information + Energy = Reality.

A person being constructed of Information-Energy fields is like all fields of Energy is able and does interact with the Information-Energy around itself or in other words a person creates Reality around her/himself.

There are many physicists who support this view from Milo Wolf’s Space Resonance theory, to Peter Marcer and Edgar Mitchell Phase-Conjugate-Adaptive-Resonance theory of which we summarise in our book Decoding The Human Body-field and also Peter’s article Integrating Biology and Physics: The Coming Medical Revolution.

Some Information-Energy fields appear to be a lot easier to influence through consciousness than others, especially when dealing with things that are small, biological or random. Many examples from the position of electrons, psychic phenomena, remote viewing, cell growth and radioactive decay are given in both Dan Brown’s new book – The Lost Symbol and also The Living Matrix Movie.

One of the most amazing proofs of how consciousness interacts and creates reality around you was done by Princton University (described in the above books), who showed that using people could influence different types of random events just with their mind. The experiments were done over a 20 year period with almost total statistical significance (greater than 1 in 3 trillion chances of it being wrong).

Having read that research, Harry Massey and Peter Fraser of NES Health decided to investigate it for themselves and conducted some very simple experiments. Theye filled out a grid of black and white squares on a piece of paper and wrote a computer program to randomly place black and white squares within an empty grid. There was one in 68 million chances of it filling out the grid correctly. It did. They fell off their chairs and the beginnings of the first NES ProVision were born. You can find more details of that device here.

We since applied that to biology and used the computer to generate an Out wave (based on data that represents the template of the human body-field as devised by Peter Fraser over three decades of research). Then by correlating this data to what most people would class as random events to create a “start” point for taking a reading of the ever-fluctuating body-field, we are able to pick up the corresponding In wave from the person being scanned. We then match that incoming information to the already existing data in the software of the “ideal” body-field structure.

In studying the process of what we call “matching” over the years, we have surmised that Nature generally prefers the “best possible answer,” not a single definitive answer, from the many options that are possible. This process is different from the statistical probability that rules the quantum world. It also is not about chance or randomness. Matching is about emergence, ordering, pattern-forming. But, most importantly, we have found that any answer you get is only as good as the question you pose.

What sets NES Health research apart is that we have discovered not only what to test for (what questions to ask of the body-field, if you will) but also that there is a preferred order to how the body-field should be analyzed, which matters in getting accurate information about the body-field. What is more, Peter Fraser’s years of working on body-field theory has shown that there is also a preferred order to correcting distortions in the body-field. You can think of the body-field structure as like a map. When the map is scrunched up, you cannot read it properly. But when you smooth it out, you can understand it. Still, if you don’t know how to read the map—if it is not read in the right order—you misunderstand the directions or misinterpret information. Peter Fraser has spent years working out the techniques to be able to discover the preferred order of the body-field and for correcting distortions, and together he and Harry Massey discovered how to apply that information to a computer-based clinical system. No other system or theory, as far as we know, follows this preferred sequence in either testing or correcting the body-field. That’s why we believe that ProVision excels both from a clinical application standpoint and in terms of the accuracy of its scan results.

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