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Human Influence on Other Humans

The range of experiments studying the effect of intention on living systems, especially other humans, is impressively broad. There does not seem to be any limit to what our focused intention can influence.

Among the earliest, and most consistently replicated, kind of study of human intention influencing other humans has been dream studies. It has been shown that a person can use his or her mind to transmit images to another person who is sleeping, and the sleeper’s dreams that night will include many of the projected images.  Want to know more? Click here. 

A major focus of intention investigators has been healing. The human mind appears to be able to protect cells from damage, to strengthen another person’s immune system, to diagnose disease in another person from afar, to induce healing responses in sick people, to send healing energies across vast distances, and more. We’ll talk more about those kinds of effects in the Healing section of this website. 

Some of the most well-controlled experiments deal with how one person’s intentions can affect another person’s physiology. Researchers at IONS have conducted many studies of this type of distant influence, and they have shown that the focused energy we project toward another person changes that person’s body in the intended way, even when the recipient is in a room shielded from electromagnetic and others types of energy fields.

These kinds of investigations generally are called DMILS studies, which stands for “Direct Mental Interactions with Living Systems.” Here is a description of one DMILS study whose results have been verified through replications by many different scientists. The point of the experiment was to see if a stimulus to one person’s brain would affect the brain of another person who is located at a distance.

Both subjects (we’ll call them Jim and Jane) were hooked up to EEGs, a devise which measures brain wave activity, and were placed in widely-separated and shielded rooms. A light or a bright computer-generated pattern, such as a checkerboard pattern, was flashed into Jane’s eyes, causing her brain wave patterns to change in a specific, predictable manner. What’s amazing was that at the exact same time or a tiny fraction of a second later, Jim’s brain waves also changed, as if a light had flashed in his eyes, even though none had.  Somehow Jane and Jim became “entangled,” so that what happened to Jane directly affected Jim in the same way. Want to Know More? Click here.


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