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Mind Over Matter: No Longer Science Fiction

Experiments at facilities like the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) in California and the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab (PEAR) had categorically proven that human thought, if properly focused, had the ability to affect and change physical mass. Their experiments were no “spoon-bending” parlor tricks, but rather highly controlled inquiries that all produced the same extraordinary result: our thoughts actually interacted with the physical world, whether or not we knew it, effecting change all the way down to the subatomic level.
- From The Lost Symbol, 55-56

Extract filmed at The Living Matrix conference- for more information and to order a DVD boxset of the conference, please visit the official online store.

Extract from The Living Matrix - for more information and to order a copy of the film, please visit the official website and the official online store.

What if intention were a force as real as gravity or magnetism? Gravity can pull on a planet and keep it in orbit around the sun. Magnetism can be harnessed to move superfast trains. What if your thoughts, beliefs and intentions had a similar power to influence the state of the physical world? What if they could actually contribute to the unfolding of the cosmos? In Dan Brown’s novel, Katherine and Peter Solomon believe that “human thought can literally transform the physical world” (56). Their claim is no longer fiction.

Noetic scientists have discovered that we are creators: our tool is our intention, and the objects we work upon are ourselves, our families and friends, our communities, our nations, and even the cosmos at large. Their research has shown that focused human intention has been able to affect every system or subject they have studied, no matter what the type. The effect is most cases is small, but that it happens at all is one of the greatest scientific discoveries-if not the greatest discovery-in the history of humankind.

As they explored how intention affects matter, noetic researchers devised ingenious experiments with an imaginative range of test subjects and goals, seeking to know how intention works and what kinds of living and non-living systems it can influence. Among the hundreds of controlled intention studies done are those that sought to discover if we could:

• heal ourselves and others, even from a distance
• influence the content of a person’s dreams
• protect cells in a petri dish from being damaged by toxins
• change the ph of water (its acid-alkaline ratio) by a specified percentage point
• mentally fold and unfold the double strands of DNA
• move random event generators from randomness toward order
• synchronize our brain waves or heart beat rhythms with another person’s, even from afar
• change an inert substance (a placebo) into a healing agent

Among the most sustained efforts to study human influence on both non-human and human systems was that of the Princeton Anomalies Research Laboratory (PEAR) at Princeton University, run by Robert Jahn, the dean of engineering, and psychologist Brenda Dunne. Over nearly thirty years they conducted millions of runs of different kinds of controlled experiments, and they found that nothing in the physical world that they tested was outside the influence of human intention. On this site we will provide an overview of representative types of studies that provide hard evidence that our minds can influence matter, including other people’s bodies and minds.

We are able to influence the world around us-and each other-in ways that defy the current laws of biology and physics. However, since these seemingly miraculous human abilities are so hard for some people to believe, we’ll begin our overview with non-human influence on physical matter. It’s important to note that animals, too, appear to be able to use their focused energy (their “thoughts and intentions”) to change their world. If they can do it, why not humans?

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