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It’s been a given in physics, biology and medicine that our bodies are “classical machines,” meaning they follow the deterministic, cause-and-effect rules of classical Newtonian physics. Quantum physics, which rules the realm of the subatomic world, is said to be undetectable in the hot, wet, chaotic world of the large, such as in the realm of our bodies. Whereas noetic scientists believe that quantum entanglement (see the Quantum Physics section) underlies the deep connectivity that allows for effects such as our minds being able to affect physical matter, conventional physicists scoff at the idea. When noetic scientists point out that spontaneous regression of a tumor appears to be a biological “quantum jump” or “quantum field” effect, medical doctors dismiss them and write off the “miracle” as an anomaly.

But those views are changing, and you don’t have to search in the shadowy corners of the metaphysical world to find evidence. Researchers from the conventional academic world are beginning to reveal the quantum signatures of the body and of living organisms in general. For example, in a recent Scientific American article, “Easy Come, Easy Go” (November 2009, 26-26), George Musser writes, that the belief that quantum effects are “camouflaged by their own complexity” in the macroworld is “a myth.” Recent discoveries, he writes, “suggest that, contrary to conventional wisdom, entanglement can persist in large, warm systems—including living organisms.” Mohan Sarovar, of the University of California, Berkeley, recently proved that plants use quantum entanglement to aid photosynthesis. Sarovar says, “This opens the door to the possibility that entanglement can play a role in, or be a resource for, biological systems.” Musser also mentions the work of two Singapore scientists who found that electrons in the magnetism-sensitive molecules birds use in their internal compasses to navigate vast distances “manage to remain entangled 10 to 100 times longer than the standard formulas predict.” Musser concludes, “So although we may not be electrons, living things can still take advantage of their wonderful quantumness.”

Why does it matter if we discover that our bodies follow the rules of quantum physics? Because our understanding of how it does will throw open the doors to seemingly miraculous new vistas in medicine and healthcare. Currently, when something goes wrong in our bodies, we have to indirectly patch it up. Or we mask the problem by reducing the symptoms so that we at least feel better, even though we still have to live with the disease. We introduce pharmaceuticals, which seek to mimic what our cells do, although usually crudely and with unwanted, and sometimes deadly, side effects. Or we have to manhandle our bodies, irradiating it or dosing it with toxic chemotherapy chemicals that harm “good” cells while seeking to destroy “bad” ones. Our healing measures, while miraculous in contrast to what was available to us only decades ago, will seem crude and even inhumane when compared with the more natural, non-invasive and non-toxic approaches the “new biology” is making possible. The new medicine is a bioenergetic and bio-informational medicine (see Bio-Informational Healing) where mind, consciousness and the marshalling of our own energies will be our most potent healing remedies. The new medicine will give rise to novel imaging techniques and diagnostic practices, new classes of less-toxic or non-toxic pharmaceuticals and non-drug remedies, and new strategies for preventative health and wellness.

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