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“I have witnessed people transforming cancer cells into healthy cells simply by thinking about them. I have witnessed human minds affecting the physical world in myriad ways. And once you see that happen, . . .once this becomes part of your reality, then some of the miracles you read about become simply a matter of degree.”
- From The Lost Symbol, 502

Extract filmed at The Living Matrix conference- for more information and to order a DVD boxset of the conference, please visit the official online store.

Extracts from The Living Matrix - for more information and to order a copy of the film, please visit theofficial website and theofficial online store. 

Nature is the realm of the seemingly miraculous. The natural world is astounding in its diversity, novelty, beauty, and complexity-as is the human body. We barely understand how the human body works, yet we cannot help but be awe-inspired by it.

Nonetheless, we tend to take our bodies for granted-until something goes wrong. When we lose our health, we lose that which is most precious to us. Then we begin a “healing journey.” This is a journey that has taken many people far outside the bounds of conventional, allopathic medicine into the realm of what is called complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). The noetic sciences are leading the way in the study of CAM, mind-body medicine and holistic health in general.

If there is any area of noetic science that will shift the world in a new direction, it is in the realm of healing-and specifically of self-healing. That we can harness our energy, intention, beliefs and overall consciousness to heal ourselves of disease-emotional and physical-evokes myriad contradictory responses: for some people, it is so self-evident that there is no need for debate; for others, the notion that mind may be a powerful “medicine” is so outlandish a concept that they immediately dismiss it and no amount if evidence will suffice. The general scientific debate falls somewhere in the middle, although for the most part conventional medicine still rejects the idea that we may possess as-yet-unrealized self-healing capabilities. Allopaths (conventional medical practitioners) are willing to allow for the placebo effect, which we discuss in one of the links to this section, but for the most part they dismiss the claims for “energetic healing,” as it goes against the grain of current theory in biology, which tells us that we are little more than genes, flesh, blood and bone, all of which they believe are beyond our conscious control.

Our Western healthcare system today is largely oriented toward the technological. It relies on substances, such as pharmaceuticals and chemotherapy, and procedures, such as surgery and radiation, that are external interventions. Our bodies are seen as biological machines, and illness is viewed as a breakdown of the machine that can be fixed by outside intervention. Sometimes that approach works miracles of its own, such as through the use of antibiotics or through surgery to set bones, remove an infected appendix or stop internal bleeding. But for chronic diseases especially-those diseases that affect most of the population, such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and the like-allopathic medicine has little to offer beyond palliative care. It can alleviate symptoms, sometimes exceptionally well, but cannot cure the root cause of the disease.

What if there were another way? What if you could use your mind to activate your body’s self-healing energies and capabilities? What if another person could emit healing energies that your body could use to help heal itself? What if there were external, yet natural, energy fields that could “reset” your cells and organs so they resumed normal function? What if you have another body-an energetic “body-field”-that serves as an energy template for your physical body, regulating and controlling the information your body needs to work properly? What if a bioenergetic or bio-informational technology can affect your body-field so that it stimulates a healing response in your physical body? Noetic science is providing the evidence that all of this may be possible. As one of the characters in Dan Brown’s novel The Lost Symbol says, “Is it not possible that we are still living in the Dark Ages, still mocking suggestions of ‘mystical’ forces that we cannot see or comprehend. History, if it has taught us anything at all, has taught us that the strange ideas we deride today will one day be our celebrated truths” (308).

In fact, there appears to be nothing mystical about the healing ability noetic scientists are studying and claiming we all possess to one degree or another. Healing is a force of nature. It may be an aspect of ourselves we are just beginning to learn about and harness, but it is, nonetheless, a natural aspect of ourselves.

In this section of the website we will discuss some of the evidence noetic scientists have amassed for widespread healing energies and a deep mind-body connection where consciousness can affect our physical body, facilitating healing. Some of these topics will be discussed again in a different context in the Belief section.


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